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The Archdiocese has been serving Great Britain & Ireland for many decades.

Due to a series of jurisdictional changes in recent years, however, it has also seen some of its people, communities, and resources move to different dioceses. Our sense of mission, however, remains undiminished. Motivated by a call to be the 'local' Orthodox Church - that is, a Church of the local people using the local language - we seek to support and extend the communities we already have, to plant new communities where there is need or demand, and to increase opportunities for all people to grow in their knowledge of the Orthodox Faith.

We are, of course, not alone in our work. We undertake this mission in cooperation with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Sourozh (MP), the ROCOR (MP), as well as all other canonical Orthodox jurisdictions with a presence in Western Europe.

Click on the titles, below, for more information on each community.

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St Theodore & St Teilo


Archangel Gabriel


St Anne


St Silouan & All Saints of Britain & Ireland


St Pancras & St Sergius

St John the Theologian Norwich.jpg

St John the Theologian

Walsingham Skete.jpg


Skete of the Mother of God of Unexpected Joy

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